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Unified Suppliers Register RUP ®

This tool supports the buyers in the process of searching, homologation, qualification and maintenance of the information of suppliers of goods and services, adjusted to the criteria and policies of the client.

Classification of Suppliers

The activities offered by the suppliers are classified in four categories according to the impact and cost of the activity. Such categories for goods and services are: Critical, Restrictive, Relevant and Rutinary.

Benefits of RUP ®

  • Opportunity to streamline procurement processes of goods and services.
  • Linking new potential suppliers, which may be invited to procurement processes.
  • Savings on stationary, postage, telephone and document processes.
  • Personalized suppliers registry online inquiry (www.parservicios.com)
  • Goods and services contractors and suppliers performance monitoring and control.
  • Suppliers portfolio consultation and visits indicators

Performance Evaluation

Enabling performance evaluation module, where once a purchase of goods and services is finalized the shopper can make the assessment and monitoring of variables such as time, quality, and service. Existing templates created within the system will be presented to the client for consideration, covering evaluation of the following areas:

  • HSEQ and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Administration, Quality and Compliance

If the customer requires additional criteria for performance evaluation, it may be included in the existing templates or create new ones. The system is completely configurable to customer needs.

Development of Entrepreneurs and Suppliers

SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS , This is a training program designed to develop and improve regional suppliers’ management capabilities and support our clients in their social and regional investment.

Strategic Objectives:

From this will depend that the information of your company will be reviewed by our client buyers.

  • Generate sustainable and autonomous regional development.
  • Share best business practices to regional entrepreneurs, enabling them to be more competitive in their business deals.
  • Contribute to personal, corporate, business and social improvement.
  • Develop strategic strengthening commercial programs.


  • Suppliers can bid on the goods and services procurement processes in the energy sector.
  • Customers can link new regional providers trained with the business development program.
  • Customers can link new regional providers trained with the business development program.
  • SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS, providing professional support for the development of Corporate Social Responsibility programs.